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Welcome to Topton!

About The Borough of Topton

In 1754, Berks County became incorporated. Settlers lived in "long swamp". Farms were found to be underlaid with iron ore and as many as 100 mines opened in  the area. Villages and hamlets were established and the area became known as "Longswamp" in 1761. In 1854, the Allentown Railroad Company constructed a railroad from Allentown to join the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad.

In 1859, the East Penn Railroad was extended from Reading to Allentown. On May 19th of that year, Judge George Stitzel, while inspecting the railroad, suggested to the community at the highest elevation be called Topton. In February 1876, the Borough of Topton was created. Topton, located in the northeast corner of Berks County, is surrounded by Longswamp Township, except for a small corner which is adjacent to Maxatawny Township. The population according to a 2010 census is 2,069.

Summer Newsletter

Summer Newsletter - Take a look through our summer newsletter for up to date information about what's going on in the Borough this summer! 


In January 2019, Borough Council approved and adopted Ordinance 1-2019, establishing regulations governing peddling and soliciting for business or other purposes within the Borough.  The reason this ordinace was adopted was for the safety and best interest of our residents. 

The soliciation permit that all solicitors must submit to the Borough office is located on this site under documents.  This permit must be submitted 10 days prior to scheduled solication for approval by the Borough office.  If approved all solicitors will be issued a Topton Borough Solicitation permit badge that they must wear at all times as well as their company badge.  Residents please feel free to ask all solicitors for their badge, if not presented please contact the Borough office.

Along with this ordinance we have also put in place a Do Not Solicit Registry.  This form is located under documents as well.  Residents please feel free to complete this form and return to the office to be added to the do not solicit list.  When a solicitor is issued a badge they will be given a copy of the do not solicit list that will only include addresses and no resident's names.  If the property/rental changes residents there will need to be a new do not solicit registration form completed and returned to Borough office. 

If you were to have any questions regarding this please feel free to contact the Borough office.

Ordinance 1-2019 

2019 Pool Season Passes

2019 Pool Season Passes on sale starting April 1st. You can return this form to the Borough office.  Sale prices end Memorial Day! 

Spotted Lanternfly Information

Please click here for more information regarding the Spotted Lanternfly.


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Upcoming Events

Topton Community Day
Time: 11:00:00
This year we are taking the Topton Street Fair back to the basics and foundation of what it was when it started over 20 years ago. Joining the Street Fair and Yard Sales for one big event!
School's Out Splash Bash
Time: 11:00:00
Fingers crossed for no more snow days! As soon as the last school bell rings, head over to the Topton Memorial Pool to kick off the summer in the sun with music by Heart of Sound
Music in the Park - Hannah Violet Trio
Time: 18:00:00
Join the Brandywine Task force for ice cream at the Topton Memorial Park!